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Axel feels like an Ethiopian cow

He is so thin.

Please keep in mind this is South Africa and we are limited to the food we can get.
Axel is 12.3kgs and approx 48cm at the shoulder. He won't hold still.

He's been on Royal Canin GSD junior since I got him. I know this is a **** food in some circles but it's the best you can get over here.
He's growing like a weed but is just skin and bones. The vet said I shouldn't worry but I do. I don't want a fat pup but would like to not be able to stick my finger trough his ribs.
For last 3 weeks I've been splitting his 'recommended' portion in 2 and adding a extra meal inbetween. It's not helped.
I've now started adding cooked rice and meat to his meals to try and get some more carbs into him.

Any advice please... I hate a thin pup. If they miss meals for 2 days because of some ailment they have nothing to fall back on.
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