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My First GSD (pic overload!)


Not a first time dog owner but my first GSD.
I currently have 7 dogs and 4 cats
I train/compete/hobby in obedience. Since my staffy (Xan) is getting on in age needed a replacement 'working' dog and also wanted a big dog. This resulted in much internet research and many debates on the pros and cons of a variety of breeds. In the end my trainer (GSD fanatic) convinced me to go this route. This spurred a year long search, and 2 other puppies temporarily preventing me, from finding a good, healthy GSD. We have so many problems with the breed in South Africa.
I accidentally found an advert on the dreaded Gumtree while looking for a car... from there it was all just meant to be.

His name is Axel, he is an Olderhill and he will be 14 weeks Thursday.
He is calm, gentle, sensitive but learns in a snap and has plenty of drive. I have to reign myself in where it comes to training as he is so good.

He might not be pretty or ideal according to standards but he is the perfect dog for me.

Here's a few pics of my teddy bear

Axel 6 weeks old.

7 weeks old @ the airport. He was not happy. I was so glad to get him safe and sound but he wouldn't even look at me for 10 minutes.

This is my favorite pic. Having a break on our way home from the airport.

Around 9 weeks old.

Around 12 weeks old, testing the new bed with Xan.

It's so hot here I bought him a fan.

Puppy Classes

The mum and dad.

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