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Just ranting

Met an annoying woman today who quizzed me about my dog!

At first I thought she was only being curious & friendly, asking me nicely if she could ask me a few questions about him.

Started off by asking if I got him locally, how old is he, gender blah blah. Fairly innocent questions.

Then asked if he was fixed & that I should do it now or he'll be sexually attracted to me, why would I have "such a vicious breed" around children & people in the compound, I should have him trained so that he is not distracted by anything, and that he is aggressive towards!!

I agree that he should be fixed but I want to do it when he is about 3 years old, and I know he should be trained but I couldn't find a professional trainer here! I am training him by myself & he can heal reasonably well, shakes my hand, high-five, rolls over etc but he barks at cats & stray dogs & wary of humans.

But its not like I let him go off-leash & run around terrorising people and kids??!! He normally just minds his own business as long as no one pays any attention to us.. But the kids are usually the one chasing him & provoking him!

Then she said "trust me, i've raised dogs for 35 years" but she had to ask if mine was a gsd??! Bleah!!

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