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Unhappy HELP! Please! First puppy ever... terrorizing me.

Hi! Short backstory. I'm extremely pregnant (37 weeks), never had a dog, never been a fan, also never been exposed. also have anxiety & other issues that pregnancy keeps me from treating with my medication. I'm telling you this because some of my feelings or wording about my puppy may be totally inaccurate, offensive or otherwise mean. So please be forgiving!

I got my dog loving boyfriend a German Shepherd / Blue Heeler mix for Christmas. He was either 8 or 10 weeks the first week of December, I don't totally remember. He's been fine and by-the-book to train for most of the time and I've responsibly Googled and asked dog-owning friends various training questions and tried to learn as much as possible. He learns tricks remarkably easily - he sits, gets down, leaves rooms, jumps, etc. So cute.

About 6-8 weeks ago I noticed he was eating his accidentally indoor poo that wasn't cleaned within ten minutes or so. I quickly started energetically potty training - outside every 1-2 hours, interrupting attempted indoor poos to take him out, out after play, eat, naps, when sniffing the floor, etc. I use treats afterwards. He has never reliably, consistently peed outside but did seem to grasp the idea- but he seemed to understand pooing out there. Had barely any indoor poos since then. Suddenly about 2 weeks ago though he has started making no effort and seemed to forget what he learned. He poos and pees EVERYWHERE and never makes an effort to approach me or the door to tell me. When I take him out it seems to be coincidence when he goes. Sometimes he will pee or poo inside and *then* run to the door or to his treats. He has also started going poo and turning right around and chowing down on it. I have never been mean or physical with him besides a stern "No, outside" when I interrupt to take him out. He also just started spraying walls, the fridge, etc. He will just stare at me and do it but sometimes he will wander and freeze, stare, look guilty, repeat, then go. or go where I can't see or catch him. What do I do? I'm the primary caretaker and cannot clean literally 3-4 poos & 10 pees a day plus walking every 2 hours once i have this baby. That thought terrifies me! I already mop daily.

He usually never messes with the table because we taught him that young. He has suddenly started climbing on top of it and eating anything there he can - only if we are out of the room. He runs off weirdly when i return. I made dinner and went to the bathroom and when I returned it was gone and he ran to his bed, smacking his lips.

He seems to generally have started disregarding "no." He hurts me easily bc of my size being pregnant & I'm on pain medication for back pain and contractions etc and it's imperative he listen to no, especially when babys here. I don't know what to do. He also seems to have almost no interest in his assortment of several toys but sure loves my socks, wallet, medicine bottles... caught him eating a $20 today. I'm with him all day and give him attention and playtime but am open to whatever on earth I'm doing wrong. i told my boyfriend no living creature had ever made me so angry and frustrated before and i think he almost cried. I'm tired of being constantly annoyed!
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