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My Mom nearly died today

I am just so...I don't know. Shocked scared and feel so sorry for her.

My mother is on 24/7 oxygen. The company that supplies it provides a recycled oxygen generator type thing that she uses full time at home. They also provide refillable canisters that use liquid oxygen she can take when she needs to go somewhere. This big contraption in the garage is what is used to refill the is a big PITA.

My mom had a hair app. today about 10am (story I get from my brother - she lives in same house as him, mainly basement). He was at work, she came up to fill her portable (a real struggle for her), she wears the generator version to do this. EXCEPT today.

My brother was planning on going to the gym, but had scratchy throat so opted to go home instead. When he arrived (about 330pm) he noticed the garage door (inside entrance) slightly propped open, he called out to her figuring she was filling up to head out, but knew app. was much earlier. She replied "in here", he opened the door, she was on the garage floor...he then said how long have you been in here?...she said "long time"

She then slumped over into a fetal position, eyes bulging, lips blue, hands blue and was foaming at the mouth.

It was -4C in the garage. She was suffering from hypothermia (She was in indoor clothes).

When paramedics arrived her core temp. was 33.1, blood oxygen 70 and HR 30 bpm.

She was in ICU waiting for a bed. Stable now and all vitals normal.

I am going to see her tomorrow.

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