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Puppies and Color Patterns

Hi, I'm new to these forums, first time posting I will be getting a new puppy later this year. My dog Rocky passed last month to old age (15 years). Ideally, I would like to get a dog that resembles him. My dog Rocky had identical colors and patterns like the dog in the video.

I been speaking with a breeder from Southern California. She has been a delight to talk to. More likely I will be going through her for my next pup. One question she never got around to answering was if it was possible to tell what a puppy will look like as an adult. My thing is I would like a dog to have a large black coat that covers all the back, shoulders, neck, head and it finishes in the upper leg like the dog in the video.

When I get a pup, it will be mine forever. When it grows up, I will like it whatever it looks like. I just want to know if it's possible to know/have a good idea what a pup will look like as an adult. In the past I never really cared much about colors and patterns. Now that my dog Rocky had passed, I'm interested in knowing more about colors and patterns.

Note: I'm trying to gain knowledge on this subject. My questions and assumptions might sound amateur because I'm one, lol. I appreciate all knowledge you folks are willing to share.

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