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Question Floppy Ears- Breeder Issue

I have a german shepherd that will be 2 years old on May 14. He was very expensive (from my point of view), but he came with full breeding rights. The breeder listed him at about 2300 dollars and that is what I paid, with the understanding that I would use him as a stud dog later on. He is beautiful and I love him more than anything, but one of his ears doesn't stay up all the time. It will go up if he is in hot pursuit of something or if a stranger comes through the door, but it mostly stays floppy. If this is genetic, should I not breed him ? I don't know what I should do... Some people have seen me walking him and asked if I wanted to breed him, but I don't want to make them seem like bad breeders if they get a litter of puppies that turn out to be floppy-eared like him. The breeder I bought him from isn't the type of breeder I will buy from again... I had another german shepherd I paid 600 dollars cash for and got full breeding papers, and both his ears stood up and he was gorgeous! (and I DID successfully breed him once). I just don't know how other people/breeders/owners feel about this... I feel like if I would have known he was going to always have floppy ears, I would never have had intentions to breed him (and I definitely wouldn't have spent 2300 dollars on a dog I was never going to breed). Thoughts ??
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