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Stomach Ache?

Took my puppy to my parents super bowl party last night to socialize her with people. It's the most people she's dealt with at one time. She seemed to do great till the very end she woke up from a nap crying took her outside to use the bathroom she went but continued crying for a few minutes. The crying stopped be she just looked drained. I felt like something wasn't right but was hoping it was just exhaustion. We brought her home and went to bed. Woke up this morning and she was her old self again running around attacking my ankles and all that fun stuff. Then I noticed she threw up in her crate in 3 different spots while we were sleeping. I clean it up and notice my little girl isn't active anymore. After an hour passes and she's still laying down looking like she has no energy I know this isn't my puppy. Couple hours later she's up running around again like she's okay, and now she's back to the all I wanna do is lay here state.

Things to note:
My parents own 3 dogs, but she's been there before at least 5-6 other times, and they don't leave the house so I'm not thinking it's diseased related.

she probably had way too many carrots last night from people wanting to play with her and what not.

I found her with a chicken wing bone. I got to her before she completely finished it but I'm sure she got some in. It went down fine no choking or coughing of any sort (I hear problems with cooked chicken bone is ingesting it but not so much digesting)

Lastly today she drinks water but has no interest in food. She's pooped once from what I've seen and it was firm. Hasn't thrown up at all.

I know I should have kept a closer on her at the party but she was looking perfectly fine up until those last 30 min of an 11 hour day. So I thought nothing of it sadly.

So could this just be a simple stomach ache? Maybe stress related? Idk I've looked up bloat doesn't seem to have any systems, but with this no eating thing how long until it becomes an issue? I don't want to prematurely take her into the vet, I know when I have stomach ache last thing I want is food. So idk if it's normal or not. Any tips or suggestions?


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