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new yound shep scared of me

Hi I just adopted a Shep 3 days ago and she is scared to death. she shows no signs of aggression but wants to hide anywhere she can fit and even places she cant fit. We have her a crate and her own room and have been bringing her out for one on one time with my husband and I separate. She has started really liking my husband but is scared of me. I don't know if she was abused by a female before or not. She is a young dog approx. 5 to 6 months max. If anyone can help me on getting her to like and trust me I would appreciate it. We spoil our dogs and I want her to have the same experience our other dogs have had. I have never had a dog not like me and its breaking my heart. I don't want to scare her by pulling her to me to love on her. and Ive tried ignoring her to see if she will come out on her own. She eats and drinks fine and has good bathroom habits. please help me with ideas. I am heart broken and I don't want her to be heart broken also...
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