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adopted GSD snapping

Hello all! We adopted a 3.5 year old GSD mix from a shelter just over a week ago. Hed been adopted twice but brought back for not getting along well with cats or small children. Since we have had him hes been a dream. Weve had him at the dog park, which they said he would never be able to do and he did well! One time he became overwhelmed when the park quickly went from emtpy to crowded and so we left.

Anyway, last night we had company over for the super bowl. Hes never been in the house with anyone other than his 2 owners and had two incidents of snapping. In one, someone hugged him from behind and held him tight and Jackson (the dog) attemtped to bite his neck. In the other he tried to bite a lady that touched his paws. We were told he is sensitive about his paws but has been great with us.

After both offenses we put him in a room alone to relax for a couple minutes and then brought him back out. Is there anything we can do to avoid this behavior in the future? Im sure he was overstimulated and overwhelmed, but at the same time i dont want to make excuses and justify his behavior. Any help or advice is appreciated!


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