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Fear when walking

Hello everyone, I'm new on the forums.

Me and my girlfriend have a 6 month Black GS called Pixie, we have had her for around 2 months.

She came from a breeder living out on a farm, very quiet and isolated place.

We live in the suburbs, in a residential area so always cars, buses, noise, people, dogs etc

Her first time walking was of course very slow and very frightened of everything which we expected and now she is progressing a lot but still there are times when I take her for a walk and she will put on the brakes every 5-10 paces.

I turn around slightly and see she is facing behind us looking and listening, very focused. There is usually nothing there..

I gave her a slight tug and call her, works sometimes but not all the time. Once she wouldn't move for a solid 5 mins, looking in the distance at nothing..

Is she being protective checking behind her or being fearful...?

I found that being patient and letting her have a look and listen works better, she comes in her own time when she is comfortable.

Not sure whether to allow this behaviour to happen or not..?

Also she is scared of plastic bags and big logs, I have to go touch them or sit on the log until she realises not to be scared.. is this method ok?

Thanks so much!!
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