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help our dog is driving us nuts!

love our baby very much! She is my 13 year olds dog we have had her since she was old enough to leave her mom she is now 2 years old, now all of a sudden she wants to bark all night. We have already had the humane society come out twice because someone is complaining about her excessive all night. I have taken her on walks at 1 am I take her out to do her business at whatever time she needs and her barking is becoming a problem because my daughter is up with her all night and is exhausted in school. The other day I stayed awake all night until 6 am when it was time for my daughter to get up for school, we have no idea what else to do....PLEASE HELP ... This is her when we tried putting a muzzle on her (it broke our heart to do this) but she still barked through it
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