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Just Adopted Max - HELP!!!

I have a one year old Pomeranian - actually shes my husbands

I adopted Max a one year old GSD friday 2-1-2014. She (Pomeranian) will constantly bark at him which is driving me crazzyyyy and she will bare her teeth and try to bite him. Max will just walk away from her.. I've been walking them separately - the first walk together didn't go so well she would not stop barking and he was just confused. He has showed no aggression towards her whatsoever til now. But just an hour ago I was scared.. I just walked Max.. he was calm when we walked into the house but then the Pomeranian came right up to him as soon as we walked in and got right in front of him and snarled and started barking..... He grabbed her in his mouth picked her up and shook her... It all happened so fast I grabbed her and handed her to my husband and walked him away... she defecated... I already love him and my husband of course loves her... I have no idea what is causing her to act like this... My opinion is Max finally got tired of taking her dominance and tried to show his back... but then I feel bad for her ... Keep on mind in his previous home he was with chihuahuas if that helps .. I need some advice I'm desperate for this to work

Thank you..

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