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Originally Posted by trcy View Post
They are coming up. One is crossed over. Riley's ears didn't come all the way up until he was about 5 months old. I was told his would take a while to come up because they were heavy. They were very thick sturdy ears.

Usually by 6 months or when they are done teething they will be up.

Thanks for responding! I guess I'm most concerned about the right ear, because it stood halfway up since we got her (the pic below was taken at 10 weeks old).

Then, one morning last week, she came out of her crate and it was flopped down like a Labrador's. It's a little better now, but still nowhere near where it was. I'm paranoid she laid on it wrong and damaged it.

The left ear can stand a little bit, albeit very crookedly! I have high hopes for it.

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