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The foundation training should start when the dog is young(M/F intact or neutered, they should not be allowed to mark whenever whereever).

Keep him on a line tell him to go potty or whatever cue you'll use. After that, when he marks without your verbal ok (after he's actually done his real pee) correct him. Let him know verbally when he can and can't go.... and tell him NO~ pop the line to move him along when he starts marking.
If the dog is off leash, there isn't much you can do other than do a verbal correction which obviously has no impact for most dogs. My male is very biddable and handler sensitive, so a verbal did stop him for the most part when he was younger.
Though females in season may have their brain all don't expect perfection if you are training or on property somewhere there is a female in heat. But I don't see marking as the behaviors used, it is more sniffing, licking the ground or teeth chattering. We train around many females and pretty much there is one in heat all the time, we just train thru it.
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