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Beginner here!! Need help

Hello my name is Bryan and I recently got a German shepherd named strypher it is a girl I know strypher sounds like a boy name but I gave my lil brother the privilege to name her and that's what he chose plus I really like it. I'm a regular college student for New York that just love dogs. This isn't my first puppy but it will be the first puppy I actually take care of alone lol. So I'll take any of the help or tips I can receive please everyone . For one she is 6 weeks pure and just came home with me 2 days ago. Her owner was giving her iams right when I picked her up I stopped at petco to get her the blue buffalo co. For puppy obviously. I got that one because literally everyone but one person recommended that also I did my research. So as soon as I'm home the puppy poops n her feces is wet and like slimy so I'm starting to think its diarrhea ? Idk I'm very lost. Also when I started feeding her the new dried food it continue and she looks like she is constipated can anyone tell me what I should do I'm going to the vet tomorrow.
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