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Coat color changes and age?

Hello !

This is my first post, so please be gentle with me

I just got a German Shepherd pup a week and a half ago, she's 9.5 weeks old now. I am so grateful I found this site as it has already answered so many of my questions!

This is my question: She looks mainly black, however she has a white streak on her chest, and if you separate her fur with your fingers, it is a light grey/taupe/brownish color. Behind her ears and on her shoulders that color is a bit more prominent, but really, at first glance, she looks all black. Is this going to change as she gets older?

The dam is solid black, the sire is saddleback black/tan.

I have scoured the internet/and this forum for any information on a black puppy getting lighter but I really can't find anything!

Here is the best picture I have of her (this was yesterday) showing the coloring. Any ideas?

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