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Noob in OKC

Hi everyone, my name is Daniel, my wife; Ashley and I recently rescued a German Shepherd Mix who we renamed Stella, she is ~1 year and 2 months old.
I have always wanted a German Shepherd, they are easily my favorite dog breed.
My wife and I agreed that we were only going to rescue dogs, so when we found Stella, I was ecstatic, after playing with her in the "acquaintance room" I knew she was the one, energetic, playful, young, and just silly.
So we waited over the weekend until we got more moved into our new home, and we took a trip back to the animal shelter, and filled out the paperwork to take her home!
As I was bringing her out of the kennels, it was all I could do to keep my hands wrapped around the small cheap leash as she scraped across the laminated floor ready to leave!!
As we are standing there, all of the volunteer helpers are playing with her asking if she is going home and whatnot, she is going CRAZY licking them, running around, everything. All I'm thinking is, she is gunna be a HANDFUL.
As we get outside, she jumps right up in the car, oh and did I mention she recognized the commands sit, lay down, and stay?
So as she jumps up into my wifes xterra, I sit in the back seat with her, I tell her to sit, and she sits, right there.
Now besides the motions of driving around on the highways to get back home, she sat down the entire time, she is the PERFECT car companion.
Fast forward a few weeks now, I am hard at work doing all the research I can into making sure that we can take the best possible care of her and give her a life 10000000000x better than what she had before.
I am going to start her on a Raw food diet soon, just getting everything together and putting together a meal plan for her, for the time being, she is being fed Natural Choice lamb/brown rice dry dog food, she isn't showing any signs of discomfort or anything like that, however she is having pretty bad gas, every hour or so, if she is anywhere near my wife or I, we will smell her gas for a few minutes, and it is not pleasant AT ALL.
If anyone has any suggestions for ANYTHING, PLEASE throw them my way!

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