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Odd separation anxiety

Titan has begun this wierd separation anxiety temper tantrums.
He's 5 months old. He doesn't cry or bark when we put him in his kennel wen we leave or even when we put him in there and are still home.
However, if we are out and one of us walks away, he freaks out. Barks, whines, cries, and screams.. So bad that our neighbors accused us of abusing him.
He not only will do this with us, but with other people.
Today, we were at training and the trainer got up and walked away and he did it.
When he does this, we do not coddle him, we completely ignore him and when he is quiet we reward, but only when he is COMPLETELY calm.
What else can we do?
What is causing this behavior? We have NEVER reinforced this behavior by retreating back to him or going attention saying it's ok and such. He NEVER gets attention for this.
I don't understand where this is coming from.
Suggestions would be great.
He's so vocal which is fine, but when he doesn't get his way he screams bloody murder. I'm ok letting him cry it out but my neighbors aren't so willing.
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