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Excessive biting and barking

Juice is about 11 weeks now and is absolutely abhorrent when it comes to biting and barking. He'll get in these wicked "I need to play now" moods and if you ignore him he starts to bite at you. If you put him somewhere he can't bite you, he barks. If you try to correct his biting with a "No." he ignores it and continues with the biting. Pushing him down, holding his mouth closed, or any sort of "rough" handling he views as play and just tries to bite more or starts barking like a lunatic.

We take him on numerous (5+) walks a day for 10-15 minutes (any longer and he gets tired and just sits).

We will just ignore him when he starts barking at us, but then the cycle begins again and he'll start to bite us or things he knows he isn't supposed to bite (blankets, furniture, etc.). We put him in his crate when he gets too crazy, but once he settles down and comes out he's back where he was.

Does anyone have any advice? We're going to start puppy classes soon, but he isn't fully vaccinated yet. I feel like everything we're trying he just views as play.

His biting has gotten so bad he has made my boyfriend and I bleed numerous times on our faces, hands, and legs.

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