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Aggresive behavior from my GSD

Hank is almost two years old. He has completed two training sessions for obedience and does everything we ask him to do most of the time if treats are involved. In a group of people he is wonderful, excellent around kids, has no problem with people getting right in his face. But, at times at home he plays rough (he wants to do this a lot). He wants to jump and bite (not a hard bite, but it still hurts) at us when we are just walking through the house. Going to leave the house he will bite at our shoes and keep ahold of them until we shake him off. My wife doesn't want to be alone in the house with him when he acts like this. Hanks around 100 lbs and can easily knock her down while thinking he's playing. We have seen and heard several bits of info on how to deal with this but it doesn't seem to help when the theory is applied to reality (Pinning, ignoring, re-directing attention). Need some advice on what may work or help to resolve this issue.
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