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Eating non food items

Ok I'll get to the point... She eats poo. Her poo, my other dogs poo, my cats poo, random poo if we go for a walk... Etc. my other GSD did this occasionally as a pup, but nothing like this. Summer is 13 weeks and eats poo constantly. Of course I remove it straight away from my yard and immediately from the cat box, but she is so fast! My cat is still using his box and she sits and waits!

She also eats other items. I forgot to latch my sliding door and when I got home from work I discovered she had gotten hold of two toilet rolls from the holder and shredded them. Annoying, but no huge deal. What I didn't realise until the next day was that she shredded 2, but she actually ATE half a roll of paper AND the cardboard tube! I of course discovered this when she vomited her dinner, breakfast, a poop she had eaten AND all the toilet paper/tube. I'll spare the description, but I came close to vomiting myself. I'm really worried, I know she could have ended up with a bowl obstruction!

She also eats plants, dirt and pebbles. She grabbed some aluminium foil I dropped on the floor and I had to basically crash tackle her and prize it out of her mouth before she swallowed it. She even pulled dryer lint out of the bin and ate that! Currently I've removed all toys from her after she ate half of a my other dogs soft squeak toy. She ripped up her bed and ate some of that. When I have to leave the house, she and my other dog are now in a bare tiled room with no toys, beds, bedding and just a water fountain because she eats literally everything else. Now I'm just waiting until she starts eating the walls!

What do I do? I took her to the vet and they were not really any help other than saying she might have an enzyme deficiency or she might just grow out of it and not to leave things lying around that she can eat (yeah no sh.....!)


P.S. That's the offending pup in my avatar!
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