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David Taggart
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I would alweays vote against changing original nature of GSD through breedig for the purpose of producing so called "friendly" dog genetically. With the loss of a potential to become agressive GSD loses his intellect. Something happens to dogs bred for being innocuous to humans, and there is a lot of evidence to it: American Cocker Spanial and many other sub-breeds. But, do people need intellectual dogs? No, they don't. Proper raising your puppy, controlling yourself first of all ( GSD grows agressive in families living in conflict, nervous and agressive themselves people) and educating him requires a considerable effort. The majority of dogs' owners are happy to have a beautiful vegetable on the lead instead of bothering themselves and paying money to trainers. People like not the dog, but his shape, which is a replica of their old enemy - the wolf. That is where the idea springs from: to have a living toy deprived of claws and teeth. Crowds of dolphin admirers prefer to see them in the circus, not in the wild, some even say that it is the only way to save them - todeprive from freedom. Changing that which was preserved throughout so many centures, GSD temperament and other natural qualities have to be lost to breeding programms, and it terrifies me much more than depriving cats from claws surgically, or chopping off dogs' ears and tails for cosmetic reasons. But, the wish to adjust other living beings and make them more convenient for modern life and future survival of one type of species - that is us, the humans - is above the humans. There is one in a few million can live a single day like Jesus, or be a fraction that much sacrificial like Him. Jesus teachings weren't about animals, but they were and are for many a sound of a true nature of love to life in general. Humans are not the gods, they simply uncapable of being sorry with factory chickens who do not and will not have any rights ever, because it is more convenient to think they have "chicken brains".
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