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Does anyone know of a kibble of better quality than Orijen?

My question is the title. Does anyone know of a kibble of better quality than Orijen?

Dry Dog Food | Orijen

Also, Acana dog foods are a more affordable sister-brand to Orijen. They are both made by Champion Petfoods. Acana is a little cheaper ($60 for 28.6 lb as opposed to $71, if ordered online) because it has a slightly lower % of protein, a slightly higher % of carbohydrates (with the inclusion of oats and potato), and less variety of meat (Arcana has 3 meat sources, where Orijen has a minimum of 6 depending on the formula and as many as 16).

Both companies follow the same "Biologically Appropriate" philosophy, which includes regional ingredients from good sources, and making the kibble from fresh (never frozen) ingredients.



I'm a single young man. My current dog, Maybelle, is my first dog. She's my pride and joy, the apple of my eye. So naturally, I want to spoil her(health wise, not behaviorally! we are currently seeing a trainer). I make decent money, so being single, I don't have many expenses. I've been feeding her Acana and Orijen kibble, because it's the best stuff that I can find. Eventually, I intend to start making my own raw food. I imagine myself making it once a week or month, vacuum sealing daily portions and freezing them. But for the time being I'm busy, low on freezer space, and maybe a little lazy, so she's still on kibble.

Any feedback would be appreciated! I'm pretty happy with Orijen but I was curious if there's a superior kibble out there.
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