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I kinda understand the boys playing on the play ground thing, because I have seen it. They were probably playing and one of them didn't like what the other did and so it escalates and fast. I'm not fond of the doggie daycares, especially for bigger dogs. There is not enough supervision and the space is to small from what I have seen. Then there are toys in the mix. Last week for the first time I seen a nice young working line GSD in the daycare, it was a recipe for disaster. He was very ball driven and another bigger dog there was to. I could just see a fight breaking out over the ball . At one point they leashed the GSD , well not they but one person who weighed about a hundred pounds and carried a squirt bottle. I didn't like anything I saw and it wasn't even my dog. As for your dog, he is older and as long as you exercise him he'll be fine at home. It's a much better option then daycare at this point.

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