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How Old is my puppy?!

Hello everyone! 3 weeks ago we adopted a puppy. We had been searching for a GSD for about a month and my husband came across an ad for a black GSD who was no longer wanted... they had bought him for their 5 year old son as a Christmas present. They were surprised to find out that the pup was too much of a handful for the son. I had been determined to make sure we got a dog from a good breeder, who loved and cared for their dogs. But hearing this story and realizing that this family really didn't care what kind of home he went to, we brought him home. I do not regret this at all, Fritz is an awesome boy. The only concern is when we got him 3 weeks ago they said he was 4 months old. Keep in mind they didn't know if he had shots, been de-wormed, and they were feeding him old man dog food. Our vet said she believed he had been cared for by his breeder family, because his nails were trimmed professionally. To be safe we started him on the shots and de-wormer, but said he was small for 4 months and could be 3 months. We want to have him fixed, and the vet said to do it no sooner than 5 months, but I am seriously questioning his age. I have compared photos with other 3,4, and 5 month GSD puppies and he looks more like the 3-4 month old. When we got him, he weighed 20 lbs, since then he has gained 5 lbs. At the shoulders he is about 16 inches, about 4 inches taller than the first night. In the last few weeks he has a few lost teeth and grown a noticeable amount.

This photo is his first night home with us, so he is now three weeks older. Can anyone help? Thank you!

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