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You need to train your dog!!!!

This was recently said to me about my boy pup Hoby by a person that has never owned a dog. I found myself a little offended by it as I have owned, trained, help people train many dogs. I am sure this type of thing has happened to most of us at least once. Allow me to explain.

I have a 20'W x 40'L X 6'H pen with various agility equipment. A great place for a pup to train and play. There is a young boy, 12 years of age that comes over to play with Hoby quite often. The two are all over each other playing hard, both making happy play time noise. It is nice to watch them in the kennel as my kids are grown and away from home. The boys father who has watched me work with Hoby was all in favor of the set up. In the early visits the father would go in and watch and even participate in the action, although he didn't know what he was doing. This had been going on for months. Hoby was nutz to see the young man. The boy enjoys Hoby so much he has asked if Hoby and I could come over for dinner. "I gotta ask my Mom first." Cute I thought.

Hoby has gotten bigger, stronger with a good off button and has been doing fine in advanced obedience and novice rally. A while back we had a January thaw. The ground was muddy every where. Timmy showed up at my door and asked if he could play with Hoby. I told Timmy the way you two play you will be full of mud in no time. Timmy didn't care. I would always go out and ask Timmy if he had enough, he always wanted to stay. They played for over an hour and yes they were both covered in mud. Holy mud bath I thought. In the mean time the father came over to get Timmy. The father who looked stunned at the sight of Timmy would not go in the pen.

He was obviously perturbed so I had Hoby WAIT as I opened the gate and let Timmy out. As Dad grabbed his son he said to me "YOU NEED TO TRAIN YOUR DOG!!!". Totally surprised by this comment my reply, "your son and my dog have a connection you don't get". As they walked away Timmy turned to say "Bye Hoby". As they made distance from me I heard the father say " you are not getting in my car like that, did you step in dog poop", bla bla bla bla bla [my pen is clean as a whistle]. I have not seen them since. They are good neighbors and a fine family. I am sure the parents let Timmy come over not realizing the ground conditions. I feel Hoby loses as the relationship with Timmy was good for the both of them.

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