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Originally Posted by tjpearse View Post
I have had my German Shepherd puppy for about 2 weeks now and I have a big problem holding his attention. He still doesn't respond to his name and when I want to train him he is very easily distracted. Also, on walks for the first week, I almost didn't need a leash because he followed me everywhere outside. Recently, however, he started wondering off and would prefer to do anything but follow/listen to me. I've tried the use of treats but after the third one he loses interest in them. I was wondering if there were any techniques to help with this. he gets vaccinated Wednesday in which he and myself will be enrolled in obedience and manners class. Any suggestions of what I could do?
On short walks, try changing directions quite often. Taking a dog for a predictable walk becomes exactly that...predictable. Do some 180's and when the dog doesn't follow, a gentle nudge on the leash to change his course will solidify your wishes. Do circles, do 90 degree turns, do all kinds of course changes....yes your neighbors might look at you odd...but who cares. This is just one of many exercises you can employ.

If my memory serves properly, there is a member in this group whose screen name is DJEtzel. I watched a short video of her working with her pup and she knows her "stuff" much more than I most likely ever will when it comes to training. I know there are many others as well but that name comes to mind first. Maybe you could solicit her for some advice, I'd bet you would get great advice.

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