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Moving back to issue

Tucker and I have been living in town, and while we spend a fair amount of time at the farm anyway, now we will be there full time. I know he'll be happier to have more outside time.

One thing has become an issue recently, and I admit training has been sporadic lately due to my crazy work schedule. I am committed to getting back to where we were, work or not.

He is harrassing the horses. Now, our horses are not in the least bit worried about him. Our now-deceased ACD made them bullet-proof as far as dogs are concerned. My mare will actually get bored of him barking (across the fence only at this point) and lay down to take a nap. If he ever gets brave enough to go in, I know one of them will clean his clock if he goes too far. I don't want him hurt, however deserving he may be. The horses that show have back shoes Our young gelding WILL hunt him down if he goes in...

I've been hesitant to use an ecollar yet as I havent worked with my trainer on it yet. Hopefully Ill be able to start up training again soon and work on it (hour drive each way). Is there anything else I might try in the meantime? The horses pasture is right beside our yard and right now it would be tough to keep him securely away without confining him to a crate. Part of the reason of moving back is to give him more play time outside.

Honestly, he appears to want to play with them. When he's bored and wants me to play, he'll obnoxiously shove a stick in my lap or "throw" it at me. He does the same things to my mares when they're standing near the fence. Its almost like he expects them to throw a ball for him. It would be funny if it weren't so darn annoying, and potentially dangerous for him if it escalates.

I know there's probably nothing until I get his obedience tuned up and use an ecollar, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Thanks in advance for any input

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