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To do inside with dogs outside house (teach my dog to)

I cannot be exposed to much sun for a week or two. My dermatologists took out the stitches as well as used a laser for my keiloid on face from acne. Dogs cannot lick my face at all in order for proper healing for both wounds and keloid. So got to stay away from dogs for a week or two also. Don't want to take a chance for improper healing. Perhaps I can spend time with dogs that are not kissers inside or be extra careful. Luckily, my Labradoodle is not a big kisser. Could train him while this is going on too. Train him once a week. Need to do it more frequently. I signed up for introduction scenting work early March! Will get so many more dogs to walk. Nah don't want to jynx being careless. The other thing is being outside when sun goes down like evening.
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