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I really can't see it in those pictures. You are there, you can rub your hands down on her ribs. Are they right there? When she eats, does she eat like there is no tomorrow, looking for more.

I have skinny girls. I also have a girl with EPI. The skinny girls, eat, but a lot of time they will leave some food, or go yell at the other girls, or chase someone. They are not worried about that food getting away. The EPI dog before the enzymes ate like she was starving. Because she was. Without the enzymes she will starve. And, it was effecting her coat as well.

If you think they will take blood for an EPI blood test, then she needs to fast for 12 hours before giving blood. Check for Sibo and vitamin B as well. Check for worms. Take a stool sample. Could be many things.

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