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Rough Play

Everyone is telling me that because I play so rough with my 6 month old pup that she is going to become super aggressive. I try to end their argument by demonstrating how we play. Since she was about 3 months we have played rough, I let her bite and mouth on my hands, ( she does not bite hard enough to draw blood, she just leaves a small impression) and I spin her and roll her over and get all worked up until she growls and gives me that happy little excited puppy bark. (Much different from the bark she gives when my brother comes around, a deep warning growl.) When I want her to stop I have it to where i put a finger to my lips and tell her shhh. She then stops and proceeds to lick me or follow any command I give. No matter how worked up she gets, she always stops. She knows she that I am the only one that will play or allow her to play like that but yet everyone still freaks out and tells me she is going to get super aggressive and harm someone. Any thoughts?
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