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4 months old - and backsliding w/training

Hi everyone new to the forum but a long time reader.

My puppy is named Logan and he is 4 months old going on 5. I give him short training sessions throughout the day and he knows sit, drop (down), come, stay, wait very well. I recently taught him turn around and he got it pretty quickly. We attend a GSD training club every sunday although it has been on break for the past 2 weeks.

He has been generally very good for the past month and a bit but it's like all of a sudden he is a different dog. The mouthing/nipping stopped during the last month however it has come back and I feel it is even worse. I will walk into the backyard and he will come to me circling my legs or jumping up to bite my thighs. I will stand there straight and not move but sometimes I feel like I have to try and walk away because it hurts but I don't want to show him that when he is biting me he has power over me.

Another thing, I take him for walks at least twice a day, one first thing in the morning and then one after his dinner and if I have time he will get one mid afternoon. Lately he does not seem to want to go on walks. I will walk out the front yard and he will sit down and just look at me. I bring treats with me for him to come a long and as soon as he comes I give him a treat but then he will sit down again and not move. It's weird because he used to be generally okay on walks and now all of a sudden it seems like he doesn't want to go anywhere.

I'm definitely losing a bit of my patience but I will not give up. I guess I just want to know if this behaviour is normal because of his age. I don't know, I feel it's like he turned 4 months old and then something in his brain switched?

Any help or words of encouragement will be appreciated

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