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Ok, questions to answer.

First, it's important because there are so few shows in our region, and it's not a championship thing, but I'm part of a team and since these are the only shows we do, and there are only a total of 6 or 7 per year, you kinda have to go to all of them, or you will never move up. So it is important, not in a way others might think, but yeah. And I can wait, and probably will.

Second, I did put parenthesis around "breeder" because this puppy is a mutt. German Shepherd father, German Shepherd mix mother. It was an "oops" pregnancy that could have DEFINITELY been avoided, but it is what it is, and momma will be fixed as soon as puppies are weaned and her teets decrease in size. I'm not purchasing the puppy, coming through a friend of a friend. I don't fear for the puppy's safety, but I wouldn't consider the lady I'm getting her from to be a breeder... hence the parenthesis.

And I do have a few friends/family members who could watch her while I'm gone, but I still wouldn't prefer it.

She would not be in the location where horses would be, at any point, even the fencing is solid so she couldn't get through even if she got loose for a few moments. So she wouldn't be able to get underhoof. And we don't bring our own horses, only point when horses would be involved is when each competitor goes to where the horses are, then get up and go. But that's a completely separate area from where the puppy would be. It's a "special" type horse show, not the typical ones you'd think of.

But yeah... I'll probably pick her up a couple days later. Not what I'd want since I'm ready to have her home, but probably safer and easier for all involved.
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