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Default I know everyone says not to....(moved to stories)

...get a second dog to occupy the first, and that isn't why we got Kia, but she sure has helped Sabo out!

No matter WHAT I did with Sabo he was a destructive little turd! Don't get me wrong, I love him with all my heart. We would train, we would walk, we would hike, we would play hide and seek, we would tug, we would fetch...and the second I had to do something else, he was off chewing something, chasing the cat, biting the kids, destroying the yard...just in general being a puppy and being a boy. It was driving me NUTS. The dog would NOT settle!

I started figuring he was bored. Human interaction wasn't enough for him. He loved the dog park (though I never took anxiety would transfer to him and he would be anxious...unless we were meeting with a dog I knew, I didn't go) and loved to be with other dogs. He was never a cuddle bug. Once in a while he would grace my with his butt and sit on the couch.

I wanted another dog. More mellow, but still wanting to play. One who would cuddle...who I hoped could teach Sabo to cuddle and could be a companion. And well, I just wanted another dog.

We brought home Kia. You all know my stress those first few days/two weeks. We've had her for three weeks now and she was the absolute BEST decision we have ever made. She cuddles. She plays with Sabo. Granted, if allowed, they both dig in the backyard (we've stopped caring about that if that's the worst they do!)...but they are together. Sabo now SETTLES in the house! They will lay on their beds, or she will be on the couch and he will lay on the opposite couch or his bed.

Over all...for us, it worked out.

Thank you EVERYONE for being so supportive during my spazzoid time trying to get her to fit in and relax. I think she has. By golly...I think we've done it!
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