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I would advise against it. I wouldn't take a puppy out in pubic until they are fully vaccinated. Remember you'll have to stop for potty breaks etc. so even if you don't pick something up from the show grounds.

Many pups are a bit off after vaccinations. You will have a brand new puppy who'll be upset about leaving it's mother and siblings. A brand new puppy who hasn't traveled before (car sickness). You'll have a brand new puppy who could very well be feeling ill due to the vaccinations.

I'll suspect a high possibility of a VERY vocal young puppy.

Then - you'll be at the show grounds dealing with all that mess. Other folks will be running through classes, getting ready for classes......a bunch of nervous nellies...and a vocal puppy who is puking, pooping & potting.

There will be other shows - I'd wait.......

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