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Creative Tracking Ideas

I have a new puppy on the way and just feel like brainstorming possible work outlets I could raise this dog towards. Depending on drive, I would hopefully like to get him specialized in some form of tracking. I'm not really so much interested in sport, but something truly useful. My last dog I introduced to substance tracking as a pup just to keep him busy and it ended up leading him to career as a narcotics detection dog for the state police. This new puppy I will be the permanent handler And will not send him to an agency to work him. I'm just looking for creative things I could train him to track that could possibly end up as part time work, a hobby that has a possibility to generate some income or maybe some other small business incentive. I'm trying to come up with really unique ideas. For example I have heard of dogs being trained to track bed bugs and are hired to detect them in homes, something seemingly random like that. I am starting my career as a wildlife biologist and am even considering training for finding specific very cryptic and elusive wildlife where research is limited by finding the animals (maybe certain salamanders that primarily live under bark or debris and can only by located during small windows of the year when they come out breed), possibly giving me a unique place in a research team. Just curious if anybody has interesting ideas they have that could be a satisfying work outlet for my dog that is also practical work for me. Thanks for any input!
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