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Working line as Family Dog

I've read a lot of comments lately in regards to working line GSDs being for "more experienced" homes, or people saying they didn't think they could handle a working line, so they went with a showline, that working lines are "crazy" or "super hyper" or "biting machines"....This blog/article is an oldie, but a goodie, and addresses some of the fears I've read and heard, as well as what a good working line breeder is working towards.

Not a showline vs working line debate, only stating that both can make excellent family pets, and working lines don't HAVE to be in SchH, protection, KNPV, SAR, LE, military etc... To be fulfilled and happy, nor do they need some world class handler to own them to "handle" them. I'm sure many have read this already, just thought I'd post it because of some of the fear/intimidation I've seen from pet people considering working lines. If I wouldn't recommend a well bred GSD to someone, I probably wouldn't recommend a dog at all.

Working German Shepherds as Pets and Companions

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