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From Birth => now

And here I am, last week, after swimming in a lake, 3 years and 9 months old, hope you enjoyed seeing me grow up

She was nice and didn't want to steel my bed, but I would have share! See I gave her space! (Tahiti's owners came looking for her, so she went back to them after 2 weeks with us)

Since we're on a GSD forum, meet Tahiti with me, she was a found dog, we didn't want her to go to the pound, further more given the fact she was 10, so she spent some time with us

He's always all over me, but I like him. Might even maybe love him, but don't tell anyone, he's a cat after all!

Meet my new friend, he's so funny!

Rugby was way easier!

Learning how to fly was the most challenging, but I didn't finish the course...

As you grow up, you have to learn so many things! What did you just say?

And what do you want to do after a good meal? yep, a little nap is great!

Playing make anyone feel hungry, right?

Play time!

First time in the outside world! I've tested the green thingy in te ground!

We had to be bottled feed, of course, mum is good but not that good!

Count again! We're 16!

Soon enough, I'm not all alone....

Hey!! this is me a few seconds old. I'm the first born of the litter so that's where my name come from
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