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Sarcocystis from raw meat

Ollie only had some diarrhea but otherwise he's completely normal and there is no treatment for it, it's supposed to go away on its own. I told him about freezing but now he's worried about what else may be in the meat... He's never been for it, he thinks it's a fad and honestly unless you have some actual proof of a study done showing it's benefits nothing will really convince him, this was just the thing he was looking for to get back on the hate train lol. We're comprising and doing Honest Kitchen(even though 'I' know that's way more expensive) for now, it's just a sensitive time right now because we've got several thousand dollars sunk into my cat who's in renal failure and he's imagining all these vet bills from raw meat. He's weird, lol. It was just really really bad timing for this to happen as I was in the middle of getting my little dogs onto raw and already have a giant bag of chicken in the freezer.

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