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Probably the same reason many people think it's cheaper to feed their families with value meals from fast food restaurants than to prepare the same meal at home with fresh wholesome ingredients and recipes that cut the fat, sugar and carb content virtually in half. They're not self learners, and no one has committed to teaching them.

That, and thinking that "people" food is more valuable than "dog" food. Why would they purchase "people" food for dogs? Again, they haven't been educated. They don't understand the model of prey feeding, and aren't aware that feeding dogs on a prey diet includes feeding them all the parts of the animals that people (at least in much of the US) do not eat. Cheap parts, like the gizzards and hearts my local grocer sells at dirt cheap prices as fish bait!

And then, there are those RAW feeders who who believe their canines need fruits and veggies, and deplete their dogs' natural diet with those filler foods and consequently have to buy a heap of expensive "supplements" to meet what otherwise would be a very simple diet. And then they advocate $40 dollars for a bottle of fancy fish oil, when the dogs can get the same benefit from a $6 bottle of fish oil tablets from Walmart... Or something caught locally and tossed out on the lawn for dogs to devour .
And they suggest "joint supplements" which are *totally* unnecessary when you're feeding RMBs. Dogs don't need expensive conjointin tablets when they're eating chicken and fish and rabbit bones. Doh.

So, to answer your question... part self-satisfying emotion, part ignorance, and a healthy dose of pride. I always crack up when I see a dog treat recipe that contains half a dozen ingredients and 2 hours prep time. Really? That's for the owner, so she can pat herself on the back. My dogs' *favorite* all time treat??? A super cheap raw egg. No prep required, which means we can spend those two hours of "loving" time talking a long walk through the woods! Huge nutritional value, and I don't even have to crack the egg, lol. They handle that, and they clean up every last drop. I promise you, if I am holding a carton of eggs in one hand and a basket full of "cookies" baked with flour and garlic in the other... Well, my dogs will be whining and circling the hand holding the egg carton, lol!!!

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