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If you don't have a Costco or Cash'n Carry near you and there are no co-ops it can be pricey. Driving to pick up from a co-op would cost $20-40 in gas because I have a gas guzzler pickup (totally necessary for where I live). Aside from chicken and turkey quarters, I have been unable to find anything under $2/lb, despite calling butchers and game processors. I would love more ideas if anyone has any. Sometimes I can score freezer-burned meat from a coworker but that's not a sure thing. Feeding my dog 100% raw would cost roughly $90/mo if I was extremely frugal and fed mostly chicken, safeway pork sometimes. I can afford that because my situation is good but I can understand why people would not want to pay that much, not go driving all over **** and creation looking for dog food. It takes way more planning to feed my dog than it does myself.

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