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Why do people think feeding RAW is so expensive???

I know that if you are trying to feed the premade stuff like Nature's Instinct, Primal, etc... it gets expensive really quickly...

But if feeding whole chickens, pork neck bones, beef neck bones, calf liver, etc... even just from your grocery store and not from a specific supplier or a butcher.... I've found that it saved me money.

With my 9 year old Lab/Pit/Mutt, approx 50 lbs, I spend $30-35 per month on her food, and that's when I buy from Walmart/HEB and pay full price. Which is nothing compared to what I know other people spend on food, even the cheap stuff. Or even what I used to spend on food before I switched.

When I was feeding Taste of the Wild, she would finish a 30lb bag in about a month. That's $50/month.

Before that, on Ol' Roy or Pedigree or cheap no-name brand (this was while my parents still had control over her food), one and a half to two 50 lb bags per month (free fed), usually resulted in about $30-35 per month, depending on what we were getting.

So... maybe it's just me... but I don't feel like "I can't afford it" is a valid excuse... there are other excuses that can be used.

So... have y'all found the same thing when y'all switched? Have you found it to be cheaper? Or has it been more expensive?
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