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Haha, it is a teeny tiny house. My bedroom has room for my bed, a nightstand, and a shelving unit... maybe a crate on the side or at the foot... but that's it.

And the living room/kitchen is tight as well, but doable.

I don't want to be moving the crate... but I also don't want to have to buy a bunch of crates.

So... maybe start in the living room, see how the first few nights go, and then move it if there's no improvement?

ETA: I'm also debating between using the crate at night vs allowing her to sleep with me at night. I'll need the crate during the day, but at night, my current dog and cat sleep with me, and I like them to sleep with me, helps me sleep (and I'm all alone, not even a boyfriend on occasion or anything)... but I also want to do what is best for her and her comfort. So... yeah.

I will still need the crate for when I'm in class and at work. Can still come home every 2-4 hours for a regular pee schedule though.
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