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Crate Training... where to place the crate?

In the past when I've done crate training, I've always had one spot which was the only spot where there was room or the only spot that logistically worked due to the way the house was set up or who was living with me.

Now that I'm living alone... I'm wondering where on earth to put it.

I live in a mobile home, here's a little paint diagram of my house, all of the big black squares are where furniture is. The house is about 16-18 feet wide... I think. Not that big. I mean... this isn't exact of course... but gives a bit of an idea. Triangles are where the doors are.

I could put it at the end of my bed or in the office (whoops, forgot to add the bathroom. That's in between the office and the bedroom, but too small for a crate), or in a couple different places in the living room/kitchen. Even underneath the kitchen table to have it be out of the way.

So, I've heard different opinions. Some say to keep it in a high activity area. Which would be the living room. Others say to keep it in a low activity area, which would be the office. Others say to keep it with you at night, which is the bedroom.

So... what would y'all recommend?

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