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Little nugget is DRIVING ME CRAZY!

I love Alvin, I really do. This is such a "welcome to owning a GSD puppy" moment. We were making huge potty breakthroughs and then boom, accidents everywhere! He is gated into our indoor patio area which connects to our room where his kennel is because he hasn't "earned" access to the rest bother house. We try to keep all training positive with a clicker and don't want to make him fearful. We also implement a little NILIF when feeding and playing. He sits and makes eye contact with us before play, training, or feeding continues. His bite inhibition is OK, but he still nips when excited. I understand he is a baby (10.5 weeks) so I do not expect a perfect dog. He is great with our 5-10 minute training sessions and lives treats and play as rewards. He will be put through an obedience program when he gets his vaccinated.

Our biggest problems:
1) accidents in the house [ we take him out then he pees inside sometimes moment later] I am talking to my vet about a possible UTI

2) chasing the cat and not stopping when told [I know it will be near impossible to curb his impulse to chase, but body blocking doesn't work every time and he has starting to nip at the cat [that herding instinct].

3) Chewing on everything. We spray a vinegar spray on things but I know this isn't a real way of curbing the behavior. Redirection with toys works OK but he will go back to it.

4) working on OFF (getting down from jumping up) and LEAVE IT ( ignoring) I need advice for this last one. Noises don't scare him.

Wasn't sure if this belonged on behavior or training.

I appreciate any advice thanks!!

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