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And it's beginning to sound like a fully trained personal protection dog ISN'T what I want/need at this time.

A month or two ago I was dead set on it. I wanted it so much. But the more I was reading into it, I'd be like "well, I kinda want that, I don't need that at all, I don't see the point of that in my situation", etc etc etc.

I still want a dog that would be able to pull at a leash and bark on command though. Not do a thing in regards to biting, just bark and maybe growl type of thing... just as a deterrent. With no expectation of anything else.

One that could jump over a stall door to protect me would be nice/movie-like... But I don't think I'm going to really have issues, and if I ever think I might, she'd just be with me the whole time, not off doing her own thing.
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