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I want to do the work and continue the training and so on and so forth, but I don't have a need to do the full out protection dog training, which is why I'm wondering if it's even worth it.

I just don't know that much about it myself, which is why I said I'd go to a professional as soon as we're out of the basic obedience training, and so on and so forth.

And of course, I don't want a dog that could be a liability and bite someone that wasn't actually a threat.

I understand training and I understand obedience and dog behavior, but personal protection dog training and schutzhund and that realm is new and foreign to me, which is why I'm trying to learn.

As for the bitework, I guess I was thinking maybe not have a dog that will bite, but a stronger deterrent in a dog that will bark and chase off someone on command, not one that will bite. But I see what you mean about putting pressure and the dog caving to that pressure.

I do eventually want it, with this dog or an already trained dog from a qualified professional breeder/trainer in future, and I want to learn as much as possible, even if that want never pans out.
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