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A few things I've done thus far to try and help with some of Abby's issues in this short time.

She was on a low grade Purina dry food from the shelter. I first started her on ProPlan Select natural Lamb & rice, but after doing a bit more research I switched her over to Wellness Core Ocean Formula.

I started spraying her coat down with an anti-itch skin care product to help relieve the itching, but she is a bit scared of me spraying her down and not sure how well this spray is going to work.

I've purchased a new large crate for her and even though I believe in crate training and have always done this with my other Shepherds, I might find myself leaving her on a level of the house that is safe from dangers un-crated.. to be determined.

Due to the itching and constant rolling in the snow,, Abby hasn't found much relief from her itching. I'm not sure if this is due to stress, or allergies or a combination of both.

Abby is now up to date on all her shots and her blood work came back normal with no elevated levels. I'm debating getting the bird shot removed from her but the vet said this shouldn't cause an issue right now and we could remove the bb's if she has a future surgery.

I did put Abby on 75 mg of Benadryl (diphenhydramine), but this hasn't really helped her itching much. Since I've started the fluoxetine last evening I will discontinue my use of Benadryl with Abby at this time.
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