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Is personal protection dog training really what I want?

In 4 weeks I will be bringing home a German Shepherd mix. Mostly German Shepherd, some Border Collie or other shepherding breed mixed in.

Anyways, I'd love to have a dog that can defend me if need be. I don't care about having a guard dog, as my house isn't that important as long as all of my animals are safe.

But if I move to a bigger city in the next few years like I plan to, I hope to still live alone, and I would love to have a dog that would be capable of defending me if there was ever an issue to arise while we're out walking or at the barn or something where I will be alone in an isolated area.

I don't want a liability, I don't want a dog that will just attack willy nilly (which I do know is NOT the case with a properly trained dog), and I don't really care about having a dog that I can send off to catch someone.

Is it possible to have a personal protection dog that is JUST trained to defend on command, either on or off-leash? To jump over any obstacles and come to me and then defend, with or without "proper" bitework techniques? But only on command or when an attack happens, not just to anybody who acts a tiny bit shady? Again, I know this just involves proper training and tons of socialization and so on... but yeah.

Of course, I would be working with a qualified professional with this, and they would know my goals and so on... but is this something that is even potentially a "thing"... or does all protection dog training have to include everything in order for it to work well?
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